Things to keep in mind while selecting indian furniture for your contemporary home

Victoria Arched Canopy Bed

Embrace The Silhouette

Indian Architecture And Designs Have Always Had Unique Silhouettes With Curves And Arches.

Soft Round Edges Gives The Furniture A Sense Of Grandeur Without It Being Overwhelming. This Kind Of Understated Luxury Is What All The Kings And Queens Used To Enjoy Back In The Day.

If You Look In Nature, Nowhere You Will Find Straight, Sharp Linear Geometry. Keeping The Furniture And Surroundings Soft And Rounded Can Give You A Sense Of Connection To Nature And Surroundings Which Is Otherwise Missing From Today’s World.  

Hem High Back Chair

Material Makes A Difference

In Traditional Indian Practice, Materials Are Always Used True To Their Identity Without Any Processes Done To Them.

Giving The Materials Their Chance To Speak For Themselves And Leaving Them Raw And Open Whilst Making Them Look Beautiful And Presentable Is One Of The Most Underrated Talents Of Indian Artisans. This Requires A Lot Of Precision And Practice. While Looking For Indian Furniture For Your Contemporary Home, It Is Best To Keep In Mind That The Best Furniture Represents Its Own Beauty Through Simplicity.

Chandigarh Center Table

Discover The Purpose Of The Design

Each element in design serves a purpose be it Aesthetics or Functionality. Every design decision impacts the overall product experience.  

Figure out what kind of experience you want to have in your own home and choose the products accordingly. it can range from minimal i.e. purely functional by stripping down the furniture to skin and bones and removing all ornamentation or you can keep it more classical by keeping all the extra beautification elements. 

Chandigarh Center Table

Reinvent With A Twist

Once you have discovered the actual purpose of the design, comes the next part- to keep the design and functionality relevant to today’s day and age as well as your own personal needs. in order to achieve this, we need to reinvent the design without stripping it off its original identity. 

Reinvention Can Also Be Done By Changing The Role Of The Product In Our Day To Day Life. For Example, Here In Our Anna Nightstand Rattan Is Used For Aesthetic Intention Instead Of Its Materiality. You Can See This Happening All Around Us, Fabrics Are Now Used As Surface Applications On Cupboards, Drawers, Headboards Etc. Decorative Lamps Are Now Used As Mood Lights In Addition To The Ambient Lights Instead Of Lamps Being The Primary Source Of Light In A Room.  

Taking an already perfected design and applying it in different and innovative ways instead of reinventing it from scratch is what global fusion is all about

Slice Tagara Table

Remove The Frills And Ruffles

In A Room in Today’s times it is imperative to remove the excess embellishments from a piece of furniture in order to keep updated with the trends and fashion. To let the Geometry, materials and adaptivity speak for itself and to let the furniture have its own identity. 

Once you remove all the excess (not all!) frills and ruffles, you are left with a modern indian piece of furniture for your contemporary home

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